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MacKnight Rider starring Richard Dean Hasselhoff who works for the fictional Phoenix Industries Foundation
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Spiderbot by Daniel
First preview video of the servo interpolation code with random values. Aesthetically it reminds me of modern first person sci-fi horror movies :)

Today he lazzzored a modified design that uses stronger servos.

robot design and video by Daniel
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YouTube - Liam Lynch: United States of Whatever
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The Cigarette Is Dead
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YouTube - 8-Bit Music Video
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YouTube - Errorism: A comedy of Terrors - The Castle
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YouTube - Errorism: A comedy of Terrors - The Envelope
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die metalab kekse hymne
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YouTube - Things - Toasting the Birth of a RepRap
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YouTube - Man with LED Tree on his Head
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White woman and black man in an elevator

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Bike Hero
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YouTube - CSI New York "VB GUI Interface"
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YouTube - Loituma
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YouTube - McCain und der Tiberiumkonflikt ( USA, Illuminaten )
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YouTube - Rocket Crash
mit genialem soundtrack
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