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He references a technical talk about the Proof of Space concept. You'll find it here: Combining Proof of Space and Proof of Time - BPASE'17

I'm still not convinced that he offers a more robust and overall better alternative to Ethereums Proof of Stake or Hyperledgers State Machine Replication

In the end it depends a lot on the use case. IMHO the approach of how smart contracts are handled in the systems is more interesting. But maybe he is onto something.

Please, please, please, please adapt to the language. There's an idomatic way of writing a program for every Language. C# is different than Java. Java is different than Javascript. etc. etc. etc.

Good sources for JS coding guidelines are Google and AirBnB.

You can't switch them just off. We don't have the technology to replace them in a binary manner. Neither do we have the technology to build long range transportation which is competitive to trucks nor do we have the chemical engineering techniques to come up with products with the same traits as oil based chemicals.

That would cause massive starvation, collapse of many businesses and a brutal backslash to how people live or better survive.

But fostering a policy which introduces alternative energy sources as viable market solutions will drive them automatically and boost the distribution.

Try to think in solutions, not problems. Than the directions get more obvious and don't rely on an infantile friend/enemy schema - that'll burry you just in short sighted pseudo-solutions.

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Bitte kein Schnee mehr, haben schon alle Gartenmöbel rausgestellt, sind schon im Frühlingsmodus
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See, that's the problem with breaking the narrativ. As soon as there's an actual argument, you become defensive and don't have any rational responses left. Which is a shame and lets you look like a idiot.

There are people out there who don't want to invest in alternative technologies. For whatever reason - be it morally or just the fact that they're currently getting superior technology with fossil fuels. (The only technology which comes close when we start talking about efficency and effectivness is nuclear power. But that waste is an ever bigger problem.)

That are fair points.

But that's not my stand point.

I think that it makes sense to give businesses in Europe and especially Austria a competetive advantage by subsiding clean technologies.

Be it in batteries, electric engines or alternative power sources. State subsidies for building up competive enterprises whith potential markets in China, India and Europe.

Building a real alternative instead of just switching off. The first one will make the world a better place, the latter one will lead to suffering and poverty.

For some reason I get the feeling that telling you that is completely unnecessary, as you already fail at the concept that not everybody who disagrees with you is a) wrong or b) evil.

No, most of them think that there is global warming but its consequences and costs are dramatically overstated and that abandoning fossil fuels for clean but not proven technology which is far behind what fossil fuels can do, will hurt the state and economy in the long run.
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Society is fragile ecosystem: Free Speech, Immigration, Islam - Douglas Murray in Stockholm 2016

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Olympia Einkaufszentrum München
Tolle Foodstandln!
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